Hotel Majapahit — Surabaja


Built in 1910 by the Sarkie Brothers the Hotel Majapahit exceeds their Eastern and Orient Hotel in Penang, and their Raffles in Singapore in size, style and elegance. Lovingly restored, it is absolutely amazing and a nights accommodation costs one third the price of the other hotels


The hotel is characterized by its gracious corridors set around a perfectly manicured garden which looks beautiful by day or night.



The hotel must have been the center of social life in the Netherlands Indische world of Surabaja until World War II when the Japanese invasion brought and end to all of this forever, as well as tragedy to the Sarkie family


The Hotel Majapahit became part of Indonesia’s revolutionary history when at the end of WW II the Dutch flag was raised again over the hotel. This enraged the revolutionary youth of Surabaja who stormed the hotel and raised the Indonesian flag.



And so from that time ‘sang dwi warna’ waves until now and forever as the symbol of the victory and glory of the Indonesian country and people.

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Author of the book, Spice Islands. Which tells the History, Romance and Adventure of the spice trade from the Moluccas in Eastern Indonesia over a period of 2000 years. Author of the book, East Indies.Which tells the history of the struggle between the Portuguese Crown, the Dutch East India Company and the English East India Company for supremacy in the Eastern Seas. Author of the book 'Archipelago - A Journey Across Indonesia'. Author of the book 'Where Australia Collides with Asia' Author of the book 'The Tasman Map'. Author of the book 'Eastern Voyages'.
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