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Author of the book, Spice Islands. Which tells the History, Romance and Adventure of the spice trade from the Moluccas in Eastern Indonesia over a period of 2000 years. Author of the book, East Indies.Which tells the history of the struggle between the Portuguese Crown, the Dutch East India Company and the English East India Company for supremacy in the Eastern Seas. Author of the book 'Archipelago - A Journey Across Indonesia'. Author of the book 'Where Australia Collides with Asia' Author of the book 'The Tasman Map'. Author of the book 'Eastern Voyages'.

The Mystery of Pulau Cendana, Sandal Bosch Eyland, Sandalwood Island or Pulau Sumba.

Sandalwood is heavy, yellow, and fine-grained, and, unlike many other aromatic woods retains its fragrance for decades. Both the wood and the oil produce a distinctive fragrance that has been highly valued for centuries and it is often cited as one … Continue reading

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Searching for Sultan Sayfoedin of Tidore

When I was researching the book Spice Islands I came across an arresting image used in a pamphlet to advertise an exhibition at the Rijksmuseum. After more research I found it was from a painting of Sultan Sayfoedin of Tidore … Continue reading

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King Willem III of the Netherlands – Abandoned and Forgotten in Pulau Banda

Willem was the son of King Willem II and Anna Paylovna of Russia and on the death of his father in 1849, he succeeded as king of the Netherlands where ruled until his death in 1890. William III was a … Continue reading

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Joseph Conrad’s Singapore

In Conrad’s time the Post Office, the Harbour office, the offices of the ships chandlers and various shipping agents were situated along the harbourside with a view of the ships lined up in the Straits of Singapore. A rambling two-story … Continue reading

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The Portuguese Church in Oecussi, Timor Leste

Many people will not know where is Timor Leste – and where is Oecussi? Oecussi is an enclave of Timor Leste (East Timor) located within the territory of West Timor, which is part of Indonesia as shown on this map. … Continue reading

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When the Australian Lillipilly Collides with Asia

You’re probably familiar with the sight of a lillipilly bush. This hardy Australian staple – a glossy evergreen bearing powder-puff flowers and clusters of bright berries – features in many a garden hedge. But you may not know this humble … Continue reading

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Flores – The Portuguese Church in Sikka

Like the Portuguese Church in Batavia this is actually a Dutch Church built in the grounds of a former Portuguese Church. This becomes evident when you look at all the Portuguese names on the gravestones in the adjacent cemetery, such … Continue reading

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Joseph Conrad’s Eastern World – National Geographic, March 1924

The Earth is a stage, and though it may be an advantage, even to the right comprehension of the play, to know its exact configuration, it is always the drama of human endeavour that will be the thing, with a … Continue reading

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The Struggle for Indonesian Independence – Hatta and Sjahrir in exile in Banda

Mohammad Hatta ditangkap oleh Pemerintah Colonial pada 25 Februari 1934, dan dipenjarakan di Penjara Glodok. Sebelum ia di berankatkan ke Boven Digul, Hatta diizinkan keluar selama tiga hari untuk mengepak buku-bukanya dalan enam belas peti. Pada salah satu hari itu … Continue reading

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Singapore – Saint Joseph’s (The Portuguese Church)

I )used to spend a lot of time doing research in the National Library of Singapore. From the upper levels I would look down on the church across the road without knowing of its significance. However, one day I wandering … Continue reading

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