Ian Burnet

Burnet,I_AuthorPhoto4 - Copy Ian Burnet’s first book ‘Spice Islands’ tells the history, romance and adventure of the spice trade over 2000 years and has been described as ‘A triumph of passion and scholarship’.

His second book ‘East Indies’ tells the story of the 200 year struggle between the Portuguese Crown, the Dutch East Indies Company and the English East India Company for supremacy in the Eastern Seas and has been described as ‘A ripping historical yarn’.

In his third book ‘Archipelago’, Ian Burnet takes the reader on a journey across the Indonesian Archipelago, island by island and adventure by adventure. Travelling from Java to Timor by bus, plane, train, ferry, boat, car and motorcycle he follows the smoking volcanoes that form its spine. Ian combines his love of adventure and travel with his knowledge of history to take us on a personal journey through both geographic space and historical time.

Ian also organizes sailing adventures around the Spice Islands of the Moluccas in Eastern Indonesia, which are described in the Spice Islands Sailing Adventure tab.

‘Spice Islands’, ‘East Indies’ and ‘Archipelago’ are now also available as e-books and more information on his books can be found on the author website http://www.ianburnetbooks.com

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