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The Mardijkers of Batavia – The music of the Keroncong Tugu Band

For those who like some of the best of keroncong music, follow the link to various performances of the Keroncong Tugu Band: For all SeaTrekkers, don’t forget to watch the Medley Ambon as it will will bring back white waves … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Mardijkers of Batavia

In 1699 the population of Batavia consisted of 3679 Chinese, 2407 Mardjikers or Portuguese Eurasians, 1,783 Dutch, 670 Dutch Eurasians and the original inhabitants or Orang Betawi. These Portuguese Eurasians had been brought to Batavia as slaves or indentured labour … Continue reading

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‘Where Australia Collides with Asia’ – the first book reviews are in

Published by Rosenberg Publishing in August 2017 What Burnet achieves in his wonderfully illustrated and narrated book is to relate the important role the Indonesian archipelago has played in the intellectual history of the West. In their separate voyages Banks, … Continue reading

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