Spice Islands – Book

Rosenberg_Spicejak2Final_crop - web“The words Spice Islands, never fail to conjure images of languid tropical islands, exotic fruits, aromatic spices and romantic tales of intrepid seafarers and traders.
This book not only reinforces these images but goes some way to explain the importance and context of the spice trade and its historical significance.
….This is a wonderful book; a triumph of passion and scholarship.”

Brian Geech
The Townsville Bulletin

“The story Burnet tells of the Spice Islands is both romantic and exotic … All Australians should know about the Spice Islands – they are our neighbours and their history is the history of European exploration in our region.”
Bruce Elder
The Sydney Morning Herald, The Melbourne Age

“If you were to be questioned about what Zheng He, Christopher Columbus, Vasco Da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan and Francis Drake had in common, you might first answer that they were all extraordinary sailors of their time, who explored the world beyond what their own historians and geographers told them was possible. But there is a closer, more intriguing answer that ties them all together.
Throw in Marco Polo, The Dutch, English and French East India Companies and numerous Portuguese, Spanish, Venetian, Arabian and other sailors and traders and what melds the lot is the story of cloves and nutmeg and their unique origin and habitat of the Spice Islands. It is the story of how these noble spices came to the world to become more valuable than precious metals and gemstones that Ian Burnet sets out to relate in his 2011 published Spice Islands.

…. Ian Burnet has captured its romance in his very readable and interesting book, Spice Islands”
Paul Talbot,
AFLOAT Magazine

Now also available as an e-book, more information about books by Ian Burnet can be found on the author website

2 Responses to Spice Islands – Book

  1. Caroline says:

    Hi, I am looking to buy the book. Can you tell me how and where? Currently living in Malaysia.

    Many thanks

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