Nederlandsch Indische

The Nederlandsch Indische is no longer with us, but more than fifty years after the end of that era there are still some visible remnants. These I found on a recent trip across Java and I am sure there are many more across Indonesia.


From a building in Surabaja

Samarang 1866

Samarang 1866, much in need of renovation

Ruode Driehoek

Building in Semarang. I am not sure what the Roode Driehoek refers to.


Prau Lajar cigarette factory in Semarang since 1880. I loved the vintage logo and the broom.

Cirebon Trainstation

The railway station in Cirebon

Warenhuis de Vries

Commissionars Venduhouders

The Warenhuis de Vries building in Bandung

Nedhandel NV

The Nedhandel NV building in Bandung

De Dreikleur

A recently renovated apartment building in Bandung

Bandoeng Melk Centrale

The Bandoengsche Melk Centrale still operating under its original name after more than 80 years.


And finally, who would believe it, a Dutch Post box in Jakarta.

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